Posted by: privatemarine | June 1, 2010

Fake SEAL Exposed / Scott Meinket and Global Sea Security

The cat is out of the bag.  A scam of epic proportions, starting with the CEO’s background has been exposed.  Scott Meinket of Boca Raton Florida, is NOT a former Navy SEAL as he has told employees and investors in his company.  On a vetting was requested and “No one with the last name of “Meinket” was ever a Navy SEAL.”

We have enough issues to deal with in the private security industry.  The positions are drying up, the pay is going down, and this seems to have been an open invitation for scam artists to jump into the industry.

Most operators are solid, stand-up guys with backgrounds in the military and law enforcement.  Let’s do our best to get rid of guys like Meinket.



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